A comprehensive construction process

Our preparation process renders the construction site no longer one of manufacturing, but of assembling. The architect, the developer and/or the contractor is closely involved at every stage of the process.

The process

The Treetek process is made up of four stages, i.e.

  1. Design
    Once we’ve gathered the client’s wishes and demands, that client then joins us in arriving at a functional, technical and architecturally sound design.
  2. Engineering
    The architect then helps us to translate that design into a comprehensive BIM model.
  3. Manufacturing
    The software-driven production and manufacturing of the various components required.
  4. Assembly
    The building is assembled on site. Upon completion – and should the client so desire – we would then provide building management services and disassembly and recycling once the construction has reached the end of its lifespan.

Nearly all choices are made at stages 1. and 2. Doing so calls for decisions to be made at a very early stage on which facilities the buyer would like to have installed.

Wood sourcing and regeneration

Treetek sources its wood from sustainably managed forests in Scandinavia, Austria and Germany. We only work with suppliers who meet the highest standards in sustainability. Selective tree-felling creates more space for other trees to grow and increases biodiversity. The entire process leaves a negative carbon footprint, i.e. more carbon dioxide is stored than emitted.

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