Compared to the high CO2 emissions generated in the production of steel and concrete, wood is a renewable raw material that in fact locks in CO2. Furthermore, its highly-efficient engineering process calls for less material to be used.

Healthy working & living environment

Wood has a certain look and feel – smell even – about it that has a positive effect on our mood. It reduces stress, increases one’s ability to concentrate and provides sound insulation and reduces damp.

Freedom of design

Wood offers architects more freedom of design compared to concrete or steel. A project’s feasibility greatly depends on its design – and vice versa. Wood offers architects more options in terms of layout and in terms of the potential experience a design could offer.

Easily to manipulate

Wood is easily cut, turned, milled and joined and minor adjustments can quite often be easily made.

Reduced downsides

Treetek produces prefabricated construction components, in effect transforming the construction site from one of building into one of assembling. This in turn means that less work is carried out on-site, with whatever work remains done in a manner that is cleaner, quieter, drier (wood is a dry raw material) and at reduced carbon emissions.

Strong and lightweight

Despite it weighing a lot less than concrete, CLT is strong enough to allow it to be used in all manner of structural applications. As a result, wood construction can be completed using lighter cranes and can sit on lighter foundations than steel or concrete projects.

Reduced construction times

On average, wood reduces completion times on construction projects by 20% when compared to concrete construction projects. The easy way in which these projects are assembled, means that they require less man hours, with the added bonus that delays for drying are now also a thing of the past.

Reduced failure costs

Failure costs are greatly reduced due to a comprehensive design and engineering process combined with components manufactured to millimetre precision.


CLT enjoys better fireproof qualities than concrete or steel. Its behaviour is more predictable, with CLT walling naturally forming a fire-retarding layer of carbon deposit in the event of a fire.


Wood-based Treetek constructions can be easily demolished once they have reached the end of their lifespans. Any remaining scrap wood can be reused in a range of different ways, e.g. in a new-build construction, or as furniture components.

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