De Open Hofkerk


Wolfheze, the Netherlands


June 2022 (expected)


CLT, including prefabricated cladding


Schipper Bosch


Schipper Bosch




The Open Hofkerk [ENG: Open Court Church] is a true local landmark within Wolfheze’s Lawijckerhof residential area. Schipper Bosch is planning to put in housing inside the interior of the church, as well as adding a further four new-build family homes on the site of the De Burcht, former village hall.¬†Schipper Bosch has commissioned Treetek for construction of these four semi-detached doubles. The nearly fully-prefabricated properties are to be assembled in a conditioned environment. The CLT inner walling panels will come fully fitted with all the necessary exterior cladding components, i.e. prefab framing work and windows. This is both a highly-innovative as well as a highly-sustainable project. This is something which can, for example, be found evidenced in the solar panelling integrated across the entire roof surface and is combined with a hydrogen installation, and featuring prefabricated bathrooms as well as boasting a high completion rate with Treetek able to complete wind and waterproof delivery of the project within a two-week timespan.