Sustainability Court – Urban Villa


Amersfoort, the Netherlands


Due to start: January 2022


Base build constructed using CLT, with the apartments featuring partially exposed CLT flooring and wall panelling. Hall and stairwell to feature plastered drywalling. Extensive floor spans to feature exposed laminated wooden girders. Any steel girders and columns are hidden from view by plastering and fire-repellent coating. Floors are fitted with underfloor heating and finished in anhydrite screed. Special measures are taken to enable effective sound insulation between adjoining apartments. Exterior cladding to be provided by STO.


Schipper Bosch


Studio Nauta




Construction work on the Sustainability Court project has started! Assembly work on the Urban Villa project is scheduled to begin in January 2022. The project will see a total of forty family homes and seven urban villas constructed using Cross Laminated Timber (CLT). CLT is a clean construction method boasting a limited carbon footprint, requires less transportation movements and allows properties to be both moved as well as recycled. It is an honest construction method and one which has only recently seen the light of day on the Dutch construction market. This Amersfoort residential project is testament to how successful taking a different approach can prove: it is the first such wood construction project of this size ever undertaken in the Netherlands. Wood construction, in fact, turns construction into assembly of prefabricated components. Building components are manufactured elsewhere, before being assembled on site. This makes it a great example of clean and circular construction. Treetek will be coordinating this project up to completion of its base-build phase.